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  • Radical Proof for the Existence of Free Will

    A person denying free will is put into some inquisition tool, say Spanish boot. He is asked: “Do I have free will to stop the torture?”. The answer “Yes” finishes the proof. After “No” the Spanish boot is tightened a bit and the question is repeated. Source: Maarten Hoenen’s lecture on Duns Scotus: http://podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/philosophie-sprache-literatur/philosophie/antike-und-mittelalterliche-philosophie.-ws-12-13/89570101

  • Ancient and medieval philosophy

    I have recently listened to lectures by Maarten Hoenen Antike und mittelalterliche Philosophie http://podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=164 He has considered in his lectures Plato Aristotle Plotinus Augustine of Hippo Avicenna Anselm of Canterbury Albertus Magnus Thomas Aquinas Meister Eckhart Duns Scotus William of Ockham Nicolaus Cusanus Descartes I have found lectures pretty interesting. They show how Christian philosophers […]

  • Descartes’s Philosophy: “Made in Bavaria”

    Maarten Hoenen at the end of his lecture about Descartes has mentioned that according to Schelling the modern philosophy has started its way in Bavaria. Antike und mittelalterliche Philosophie (14. Vorlesung) http://podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=164 I have found Schelling’s quote from the lecture in Internet Descartes’s Philosophy: “Made in Bavaria” http://notes-taken.blogspot.de/2011/08/descartess-philosophy-made-in-bavaria.html “A special peculiarity lies for us in […]

  • Christianity Doctrine and Modern Scientific Research Program

    My comments to The Fisheye Lens Effect of Phenomenology http://www.facebook.com/multisenserealism/posts/428242020577506 “But we don’t know of any consciousness that doesn’t emerge from neural activity and we don’t know of any intelligence that doesn’t emerge from the physical processing of information.” ————————– Right now I listen to lectures by Maarten Hoenen on Ancient Greek and Middle Ages […]

  • Collingwood on Monotheism and Science

    Maarten Hoenen in his fifth lecture on Voraussetzung und Vorurteil http://www.podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=124 has mentioned that Collingwood once compared monotheism with polytheism in respect to influencing  science. According to Collingwood, the modern reductionism (Theory of Everything) is similar to monotheism where everything should be explained through God. I like this thought and below there are some results from my […]

  • Aristotle on the Souls of Animals

    In his lecture (Beweistheorien, lecture 9) http://www.podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=24 Prof Hoenen has mentioned that according to Aristotle even an animal has an ability to make a judgment (Urteil) based on perception. “And this evidently belongs to all animals; for they have a connate judgemental capacity, which is called perception. And if perception is present in them, in […]

  • Absolute Presupposition

    In his lectures Was ist Philosophie? http://www.podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=80 Prof Hoenen has discussed R. G. Collingwood and his work Essay on Methaphysics. I like here a lot the term Absolute Presupposition. From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/collingwood/ “From the mid-thirties onwards Collingwood’s work increasingly engaged in a dialogue with the newly emerging school of analytic philosophy. In An […]

  • Reason, Free Will, and the Big Bang

    I have recently listened to Kontroversen in der Philosophie by Prof Hoenen: http://www.podcasts.uni-freiburg.de/podcast_content?id_content=93 One of the controversies there was the question whether the Universe if eternal or not. Recently I have employed the logic from the lectures on the everything list http://groups.google.com/group/t/thread/ba5f90b7e68bccf when there was a comment about determinism. I hope that the dialog below shows […]