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A New Physics Theory of Life The paper reminds me the search for the philosopher’s stone in the middle ages. A small difference is that nowadays one search for an equation that will allow us to find all the answers by solving it. P.S. John Collier on the biosemiotic list has recommended to entropy […]

I have received a comment from Prof Gladyshev to I have browsed three his papers available at MDPI: [1] Georgi P. Gladyshev, Thermodynamic Theory of Biological Evolution and Aging. Experimental Confirmation of Theory, Entropy 1999, 1(4), 55-68; doi:10.3390/e1040055 [2] Georgi P. Gladyshev, On Thermodynamics, Entropy and Evolution of Biological Systems: What Is Life from […]

My emails to the biosemiotics list. 02.06.2013 17:52 Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, Entropy, Function and Evolution: Naturalizing Peircian Semiosis, Entropy 2010, 12(2), 197-242; doi:10.3390/e12020197 I have browsed the paper. As I have expected, the entropy the author talks about has nothing to do with the thermodynamic entropy that has been introduced by Clausius, Kelvin and Gibbs. […]

Main Points A homogeneous phase can be spontaneously decomposed into two immiscible phases. Concentration gradients can be spontaneously formed at the border between immiscible phases when the system reaches its equilibrium state. At constant temperature and pressure the entropy of system in question spontaneously decreases during the separation process. In the adiabatic system the increase […]

I will start with a quote from Spyridon Kountroufinis, Teleodynamics: A Neo-Naturalistic Conception of Organismic Teleology, In Beyond Mechanism: Putting Life Back Into Biology p. 322 “This essential property of dissipative dynamic systems is also known as the principle of maximum entropy production, which can be easily explained. According to the second law of thermodynamics, […]

One paragraph from J. Scott Turner, Biology’s Second Law: Homeostasis, Purpose, and Desire. In Beyond Mechanism: Putting Life Back Into Biology I should say that the book is good and the chapter actually is also not bad. Yet, this paragraph speaks for itself: p. 192 “At its most general, the disequilibrium that characterizes a living system […]

I. Prigogine and I. Stengers, The new alliance, Scientia 112 (1977) Part One – From Dynamics to Thermodynamics: Physics, the Gradual Opening towards the World of Natural Processes, 319-332. Part Two – An Extended Dynamics: towards a Human Science of Nature, 643-653. I like the beginning of the first part where the problem is formulated […]

Recently I have discovered that biologists like MEPP (Maximum Entropy Production Principle): see Physical foundations of evolutionary theory and also the last slides in Does Entropy Play a Role in Biology? I have not found in the papers from biologists simple applications of MEPP. As I personally like to start learning a theory with simple […]