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Prigogine, I., G. Nicolis & A. Babloyantz (1972). Thermodynamics of evolution. Physics Today 25(11), 23-28. “The functional order maintained within living systems seems to defy the Second Law; nonequilibrium thermodynamics describes how such systems come to terms with entropy.” Prigogine, I., G. Nicolis & A. Babloyantz (1972). Thermodynamics of evolution. Physics Today 25(12), 38-44. […]

Recently I have made a talk “Does Entropy Play a Role in Biology?” where I have made a short introduction to the thermodynamic entropy and discussed misconceptions of the entropy in biology. Now I see that I have missed to mention an important text that seemed to play a big role in raising one particular […]

My emails to where I comment on Annila, A. & S.N. Salthe (2010) Physical foundations of evolutionary theory. Journal of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics  35: 301-321, 13.02.2013 20:20 > A small comment to the statement from the link above. “and that the idea of their improving rather than harming organisms is contrary to the Second Law […]

Some quotes (mostly mine) from the discussion on the everything list 13.03.2012 01:43 Russell Standish: This about experimentally testing Landauer’s principle that computation has thermodynamic constraints. 13.03.2012 16:29 Evgenii Rudnyi: Thanks for the link. Yet, it is unclear to me what is exactly information and computation in this experiment. To be more precise, […]

From a discussion on embryophysics 29.02.2012 22:57 Steve McGrew: Lots of experiments have been done in which seemingly irreversible processes can be reversed. In those cases, it is clear that the *information* needed to specify the original state is transformed, but not lost. Reversing the transformation restores the original state. Although it *looks* like […]

In the modern scientific culture, the statement that the entropy and information are the same things is ubiquitous. For example the famous paper of Edwin T. Jaynes [1] according to Google Scholar [2] has been cited more than 5000 times. The list of books from Prof Gordon [3] about the deep relationship between entropy and […]

My messages to the everything list On 09.02.2012 07:49 meekerdb said the following: … There’s an interesting paper by Bennett that I ran across, which discusses the relation of Shannon entropy, thermodynamic entropy, and  algorithmic entropy in the context of DNA and RNA replication: 10.02.2012 22:16: Thank you for the link. I like […]

My messages to the everything list 05.02.2012 17:16: On 24.01.2012 22:56 meekerdb said the following:  In thinking about how to answer this I came across an excellent paper by Roman Frigg and Charlotte Werndl which explicates the relation more comprehensively than I could and which also gives some historical background and extensions: specifically […]