A physicist and a theologian

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04.09.2011 20:32

A dialog from lectures of Prof Hoenen:


A physicist comes to a theologian: “You know, I have checked everything from an elementary particle to the Universe. God does not exist, as I have not found him.”

A theologian: “You have done your job well. I would be really surprised if you could find the God.”

Do not also forget what what Bruno says about theology. I personally agree with him because as long as we leave the empirical basis, we start using our beliefs.

Finally imagine that you are a boss of a company. Could you be successful if you believe that everything is determined by the initial conditions of the Universe?

05.09.2011 21:16

>Of course believers in fairies and leprechauns would have said the
 >same thing – and once did.

Let me compare your statement above (A) with your another statement (B):

>In other models it (Big Bang) is
>generated by collision of M-branes,

I am not sure if I see the difference. A philosopher here would say that you implicitly use some absolute presuppositions that will give sense to (B) and deny sense of (A). Yet, in my view it would be nice to write down your absolute presuppositions explicitly. From the viewpoint of empirical science, I would say that both (A) and (B) are at the same level.

05.09.2011 21:23

Religion is based on beliefs and it says it explicitly. Many of your statements are also based on your beliefs. The difference is that you do not want to list your beliefs explicitly.